Vermont’s passenger trains offer options to see the country, get to know your own backyard, and connect to other transit options to reach your destination. Daily Amtrak service is available between Vermont, New York City, and Washington, D.C., with connections to many other cities across the U.S. It’s the most scenic, comfortable and hassle-free way to get where you’re going — not to mention an eco-friendly transportation alternative. Check out Amtrak’s trains and the latest deals here!

Ever glide past colorful fall foliage while enjoying a gourmet meal? Visit with Santa by train? Charter a classic steam train to bring your guests to your wedding? The possibilities are endless for planning a special, chartered excursion via rail. Find out more here! 

Vermont’s 11 passenger rail stations are active transportation hubs, enabling travelers to choose from a variety of options to make the final connection to their destination. Find out more! 

Vermont’s freight railroads provide cost-effective options to ship raw materials and finished products to and from distant suppliers, customers, and ports. Learn more here.

75% Less Emissions

On average, freight rail is four times more efficient than shipping by truck. This means 75% less emissions.

Connecting Vermont Communities

Vermont has 11 active passenger train stations. There are 99 towns along active rail lines.

Railroads Support Jobs

Each railroad job supports 4.5 additional jobs. Average wages and benefits of a Vermont railroad employee is $79,264.