Shipping by rail could save your company logistics and shipping costs, compared to shipping by truck. More goods shipped by rail equals fewer heavy trucks causing undue wear & tear on our highways and bridges, and less truck traffic and noise through Vermont’s historic downtowns.

If your business is already close to an active freight rail line in Vermont, contact the railroad directly. Or, you may prefer to work with an independent rail logistics consultant to develop options.

Vermont Railroad Sales Representatives:

Vermont Rail System (covers most of Vermont) Gerald Racette  (802) 658-2550

New England Central Railroad/G&W RR (Saint Albans – Essex Jct – Montpelier Jct – White River Jct – Windsor – Bellows Falls – Brattleboro – Vernon) – Ed Foley, Vice President Sales & Marketing  (207) 753-4224

Pan-Am Railways (Brattleboro, Pownal and Connecticut River Valley) Mike Clements  (978) 663-6925

Central Maine & Quebec Railroad (Richford, Troy, Newport) Deborah J. Woodbury  (207) 848-4214

St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad (Island Pond)  (514)-948-6999

Independent Rail Logistics Consultants

Rail shipping is a specific logistics area that has its own rules, regulations, nuances and details.  It takes a considerable amount of time and knowledge to ship by rail effectively. A consultant has the experience, knowledge, industry contacts and tools to get your business shipping by rail.

If you are considering making the transition to shipping your products by rail, you need to know that there is more to it than meets the eye.  Are you rail-served?  What kind of cars do you need?  Where do you get the cars?  How do you get rates?  What is a good rail rate?  And most importantly, how do you get all the pieces in place efficiently and effectively, while keeping the rest of your business running at the same time.

Maxem Consulting
Contact:  Scott McCalla

D.C.M. Consulting Group, LLC
Contact:  David Marsh

Richard W. Zink, Consultant
Contact:  Rich Zink