Your link to trains and local transit in Vermont

No matter what the weather, taking the train is a great way to cover long trips. When you step off the train, how do you get to your final destination? You’ve got options! Here’s how to get where you need to go:

Go! Vermont

Find transportation connections from the rail station—buses, taxis, carpooling, cycling, and more. Find your ride here or call 800-685-7433 (RIDE).

Bus Service

A variety of local transit providers offer routes throughout Vermont. Use Go! Vermont’s handy Local Routes finder tool to see what routes offer the right connections from your train station to your destination.

For bus connections into or out of Vermont, Go! Vermont’s City-to-City Routes finder tool will help you identify the most convenient option.

Taxi, Lyft, Uber

Many local and long-distance taxi services and ride-hailing companies operate in Vermont. Service varies depending on location.  Local taxis will often meet trains at scheduled Amtrak stops. To ensure availability of a taxi upon arrival, research options at your destination & arrange your ride in advance, if possible.

If you’re planning on using a ride-hailing service such as Lyft or Uber, you should know that availability varies across our rural state.  Your best bet is to research these options before arrival, and (if available in that area) use Amtrak’s onboard wifi service to summon your ride BEFORE you disembark.