VRAN has a shiny new platform of policy goals. We’re proud of them as they represent some intense work by members like you working hard on our new policy committee.

Of course, it isn’t the document that is consequential, but the thought and vision behind it and the strategy and focus it gives us.

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Beautiful Christmastime snow photo of Amtrak's Vermonter at Randolph station by Kevin Burkholder

Our top 3 goals for 2021 are:

  • Restore Amtrak and return it better
  •  Invest in infrastructure 
  • Prepare the groundwork for future priorities

Ensuring Amtrak returns is critical. VRAN supporters are making this known to the Governor and Agency of Transportation. The interruption provides an opportunity to reset, to re-think food service and stations so when it comes back, it comes back better.

Infrastructure is likely to benefit from a Biden sponsored infrastructure stimulus package. Lets ensure Vermont’s rail network benefits. The 10 mph Burlington – Essex Junction line tops our list.

Down the line, we want community rail linking Middlebury, Vergennes, Burlington, Saint Albans and Montpelier – Barre. We’ve engaged employers and developers to leverage the value of rail infrastructure and continue to explore governance structures that shift administrative burdens and improve efficiencies without adding to Vermont’s debt, liability or tax load.

All this will require good advocacy, communications and coordination on the shared vision including the Agency of Transportation, legislators, developers, railroads, planners, towns and you.

That’s really what we do: bring people together. We bring your voice into the mix. That is how things get done. That is how we represent the priority of rail.

Your donation helps us organize and advocate for rational rail policy. It supports staff time, technology and structure. It helps us “punch above our weight,” as they say. I’m grateful for your help. Thanks!

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You can see our policy document in full here.

Many thanks to you and to VRAN’s policy team: Deb, David, Lee, Carl, Jack, Curt, Jonathan, David, and Hank!!

Thank you!
Christopher Parker
Executive Director


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