Would you consider volunteering to support the cause of better train service in Vermont?

As we begin to open up and look forward to Amtrak resuming on July 19, we’re starting to make some plans. Maybe you would like to be part of them on the inside?

We’re thinking about some public events (remember those?) this summer and fall (including to celebrate the trains return and an annual dinner in September). We’re thinking of gathering local advocates at each train station to address sore point and support improvements (from this simple, like planting flowers, to the transformative, like pursuing grants. We’re thinking of pulling together a committee of Amtrak riders and those benefiting from Amtrak service as an ongoing service advisory group. We could use your help.

Please reply to this email to let me know you might be on board.

Let me know something about this sort of role you’d like:
– worker bee for events (for example, set up/clean up and staffing a check-in table)
– leadership or help around stations (with a committee)
– leadership around improving Amtrak (in a committee)
– social media/website/help with mailing list

As of now, we’re still working remotely and on zoom and that may turn out to be a convenient format for some committees in the future.

Thank you.


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