I’ve been moving forward with two projects: the new VRAN website and a zoom celebration of the return of Amtrak service to Vermont.

I’d like to get the Governor to participate in the zoom celebration. Who is the right person to make that ask?

I’ve been in touch with VTrans to see if they had any plans to mark the occasion or would like to participate, however I haven’t had a response yet.

Crews are being told to be ready for a July 1 start of service (with a deadhead move to Saint Albans and perhaps Rutland June 30th. Why they can’t make some money opening that trip up to passengers is beyond me.). However Trini said and Bill Hollister confirmed that the state and Amtrak have not begun discussions on resuming the train, so it may not happen on that date. The downeaster will resume 1 trip Monday and the Adirondack in New York State will start June 26.

Kevin Burkholder is recruiting some other people to participate in filming.

We need access to a zoom account (or similar service) that can accommodate more than 100 people. I am guessing we might get hundreds of participants.

The board is scheduled to meet virtually Thursday June 18th




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