Amtrak now has capped capacity at 50% and the trains are sparkling clean. Temperatures are checked at Penn Station before boarding. Onboard HVAC changes the air 44 times an hour and the nature of trains is there is always outside air coming in. Still, it is indoors. Certainly we’re limiting indoor time with others right now.
There is also question of how many people are even traveling right now. Some estimates are vacation travel is down 90%. Visiting friends and family probably down 65% Business travel down 95%. The market might be better now though since those numbers were current.

Amtrak does have a full-time medical director and they have contracted with George Washington University to provide technical guidance around CoVid.

If you just don’t want anyone from a risky area to come to Vermont, no cleaning will help. I have been given to understand that is the Governor’s motivation. At the moment travel from essentially all areas Amtrak serves is banned without 2 week quarantine. Week before last cases were still going up; now they are going down.


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