Most of my work this fall has been on the website. It is almost done, but there are a number of tasks yet on the punch list. By the time we meet it should be ready to declare “ready to test.” Isabella did good work this summer on the wordpress website and I’ve done a big piece of work this fall on the constituent database (almost done).

I’ve had a number of conversations through the fall about the resumption of Amtrak service. Our advocacy brought a commitment from the agency to resume Amtrak service when safe. I think we should ask the administration for more specific criteria than “safe” which can be a slippery word. However, given the spike in cases, it isn’t a great time to make a push for the train.

I’ve also been participating with some coalition groups: T4VT, Sustainable Transportation Vermont, Rail Passengers Association attended the rail council and the Vermont rail plan process (including submitting comments and engaging with the process).

All in all, we’ve been in a holding pattern, reflecting the impact of CoVid. I think it will be time after the election to assess where we are and what our role should be. Maybe more zoom presentations.

— Christopher Parker, Executive Director


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